The Underdog Mentality
The Underdog Mentality

The underdog mentality

The Underdog


Tyler Monk is a first-generation college graduate as well as a first-generation entrepreneur and working professional. He grew up in the inner-city of Portland, OR where he struggled academically throughout high school. It wasn’t until he was 16 that Tyler realized his potential to be a high-level athlete. This caused him to catch a glimpse of the motivating fire that purpose provides. His first passion was basketball and he used the sport to earn a full-ride scholarship to play in college. He began his college journey in Bakersfield, CA then later graduated from Central Washington University earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Recreation Management. Following college Tyler pursued music. He produced three studio Hip-Hop/Soul albums. Tyler has 10 years of direct experience serving young emerging leaders in the Pacific Northwest. From 2011 – 2016, Tyler served as the Site Director for the GEAR UP Initiative in Vancouver, WA. Leadership development and the power of potential are tremendous passions of Tyler’s and he utilizes these strengths to encourage, develop and equip young leaders to become change agents of the future. 

Why we do it


An underdog is described as an individual or group of people that are over matched and expected to lose. Who sets the bar for these losing expectations? Do we govern our own expectations, or do we let others control the outcomes for our life goals? The answer is clear. We can’t always control what happens to us but we can control how prepared we are and how we respond to the challenges that come in our path. We must lift the lid on our potential to better strengthen to the beliefs we have about ourselves and our environment. The purpose of The Underdog Mentality (TUM) is to help people tap into the power of their potential so they can lean into their greatness. We do this by helping people break the  mindset bondage that keeps most of us prisoners of our own thinking.  With 10 years of experience of developing  leaders, we feel confident that through internal reflection and personal growth we can help people commit to strategies that will guide them to successfully turn their dreams into reality. 

What we do


The Underdog Mentality uses inspirational story-telling and practical strategies to accomplish the goal of breaking people’s mindset bondage---releasing them to tap into the power of their potential so they can accomplish their goals. We deliver high energy and engaging workshops on a host of topics including but not limited to---How to persist in challenging times, The power of purpose, leadership development and cutting edge growth mindset strategies. We focus on pulling at the heart and engaging the mind of participants. 

During our workshop sessions we use storytelling to drive inspiration and spark the imagination of what positive change could mean for their lives. In concert with tapping into the emotional side of people we engage the mind by implementing practical and proven success strategies to help our partners reach their goals.