The Underdog Mentality
The Underdog Mentality



We offer 5 areas of service

  • Keynote event speaking

  • Entrepreneur & employee workshops

  • Secondary and post-secondary  student workshops & event speaking 

  • Organizational Consulting

  •  1-2 day conferences and retreat trainings

Our passion is to work with partners to find solutions for the challenges that stand in the way of the results they want. We will provide a FREE consultation to gain clarity on your needs and/or the needs of the people you serve.  

Partner Perspective

Amy Vandermass | Teacher

 " My favorite part of the workshop is to hear Tyler's life story, where he came from, what he did to change his life and when he shares his “Why” behind his work.  "

Aaron Dickson | SEI Director

" Tyler is phenomenal! His energy and ability to engage students with his content is unparalleled. I’ve worked with The Underdog Mentality on multiple projects focusing on youth leadership and development and I highly recommended! "

Nina Stemm | GEAR UP Director

 " It was very clear to me one of Tyler's greatest strengths is engaging and motivating students.  He is dynamic, charismatic, and relatable.  For the last two years, I have brought Tyler into our schools to lead student workshops on setting goals, finding your why, motivation and success, and money management. " 

Morgan Parker | Next Director

 " As an individual, Tyler is nothing short of impressive. As I have gotten to know him over the last few years, I have learned how many things he is participating in in our community. He plays a lead role with Portland Leadership Foundation (PLF) in Clark County, mentoring young people to be able to access higher education. "

Student | Mecha Club Leader

" Tyler really understands what students are going through. He is able to connect ideas to their passions, so they stay inspired and persist in school. " 

Teacher| College 101

" Tyler is engaging and entertaining and knows how to relate to the students.  I also appreciate that it isn't just an inspirational talk but there are so many practical aspects to the workshops, as well. "